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He hadn't been aware of Xehanort when he'd been rejected dwting his body other than the datnig that Kairi had been taken over. He was also datihg still by how Kairi was able Garbs60 dating stay in her Gqrbs60 while Sora had been pushed from his own. He figured maybe it was because it was only temporary even though his own situation had been temporary as well. Maybe it had to do with the lack of darkness in Sora's body, but he really wasn't sure. He couldn't wait to be reunited with Riku again. He'd ignore how the thought made him feel nervous at the same time. He also ignored how the thought of Xehanort playing with Riku's mind and body sent a feeling of rage coursing through his veins.

And you guys," Cid continued glaring at the few Organization members that weren't too happy about not being able to help. Though he didn't show the frustration on his face, it was obvious in his eyes and posture. But Sora could sympathize with him. He understood that feeling of thinking one was useless when it mattered.


Marluxia hesitated before he nodded his head. To protecting everyone when things get dangerous. You guys go take care of the big stuff. We don't know what to expect. He nodded his head sobering up a bit as he looked off ahead of him. Riku…what was going on with him right now? Was he trapped inside his body with no way to escape or was he wandering around like how Tsunami was doing now. Even now he was able to see his father faintly and, surprisingly he was able to hear his voice if he concentrated. The group didn't take long to get prepared and settle their goodbyes to the other half before they were on their way heading into the darkness. Sora stayed up in the cockpit with Cid and the others, staring through the glass window separating them from the outside elements.

The small airship, as Cid liked to call it, was one of the few things that could actually fly thanks to Cid's mechanical abilities. Merlin did, however, was there to help if anything were to malfunction such as, say, the engine that was running the crazy thing. Cloud hadn't looked happy to see Garbs60 dating leave though if he knew about Leon's kidnapping it could have gotten worse. At least Sora could be reassured that Auron would keep watchful eye on him. He was certain Leon wouldn't want Cloud coming into this dangerous situation if he could avoid it.

He wondered why Xehanort wanted to have Cloud there and what he planned to do with both Cloud and Leon. He'd slowed the speed down easing closer to the darkness in front of them. The ship was quiet even with everyone spread out around the large cockpit watching out of the enormous windows. The small darkness detector on the dashboard beeped nonstop. Then the first heartless flew toward them from the front and Sora held his breath in anticipation. The heartless, that Sora hadn't known could fly until now, hit against the anti-darkness shield before being pushed back.

It hadn't made a sound at contact so if he hadn't been watching he would have missed it. A sort of static looking shield had come up blocking the heartless's impact and preventing the ship from being harmed. How Cid had managed to make something like this was beyond him. The two twins looked at each other and smiled with renewed confidence. They could do this. They could save everyone with the help of their friends. Honestly though, if you knew Merlin well you knew he wasn't as innocent as he put out there. It was sheer craziness how many heartless were down there. He'd never seen so many creatures of darkness before. The people of Kingdom Hearts would never stand a chance against them.

He found what he was looking for at the same time the darkness detector started beeping off the charts. Not that they would have missed the tall tower shooting from the ground to the sky. Heartless swarmed all around it. He could feel the darkness inside the tower pulling at him, darkness that felt all too familiar to him. There literally were no windows or doors to lead into the tower except for on the very top where the opening stood all too inviting. It was probably there for Cloud but Xehanort would get a surprise visit from not only one king but two kings and two princes. Then we'll get a rope and you'll have to lower yourself down cause I ain't got any other options than what I damn well just gave you.

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