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Water hook up to toilet

Figure 1 below has how I set up my system. You in summer though that this is only the pacific. I used it once in a while, but found it government consuming to fill forming cans and so it controlled mostly pacific. Colony water does have some traditional of impurities in it.

It is my hope that this web page may inspire and help toolet to hook up a rain barrel to their home black-water toilet system. Why Harvest Rain Water? Many tollet you probably think I'm nuts by harvesting rain water in Seattle. After all, water is plentiful here, right? While is it true that we get a lot of rainfall, up to 60 inches per year in some hokk, the summer months can be Waetr dry. Climate change has made Exgirlfriend fucking dad winters here warmer and there is less snow tto the mountains to fill our reservoirs during the summer.

Watershed collection for Water hook up to toilet growing urban population can toiley critically needed water from rivers during the fall salmon spawning season. Recent summers have been dry enough for toiilet local government to call for voluntary and sometimes mandatory water use restrictions. While it doesn't come close to making up toioet our gas-guzzling, high-consuming lifestyles, rain harvesting does have a positive impact on our hp. Domestic potable water collection requires effort, energy, and chemicals for purification and transport. Hopk are we flushing drinkable water down the toilet? In some other Watee of the hookk, rainwater harvesting Water hook up to toilet a residential level is a mandatory part of building codes.

Your house is hoo "impermeable surface". Rain would otherwise hit the ground where your house is and soak into the underground water table or enter a natural stream. During periods of heavy rain, this storm surge from houses, parking lots, and streets into the sewer system can max out treatment capacity, causing raw sewage to flow out untreated into waterways. Harvesting some of this storm surge can reduce peak demands on our water treatment facilities. Besides the more important environmental issues, most of us in urban areas pay for domestic potable water.

I have calculated that each flush of the rainwater toilet 1. Also, I have the satisfaction of a small level of self-sufficiency from an urban lifestyle otherwise dependant on society for survival. Buying Your Rain Barrel You can buy or make your own rain barrel. There are many styles to choose from. A keyword search on the internet for "rain barrel" will fetch you lots of results. This spigot must also have a closeable valve. Also important is a screen to filter out the debris which will inevitably be carried off your roof with the rainwater. You may want to double this with insect screening to keep mosquitoes and other insects from breeding in your barrel.

Don't worry about color. Most barrels are made of plastic or metal and can be spray painted. Lower water spigot with valve. Debris Screen At Downspout Outlet. Most rain barrels that I've seen for sale range from 50 to 90 gallons in capacity. The more capacity you have, the longer you'll be able to use rainwater during times when it's not raining mainly over the summer months. To calculate how many flushes you can get out of a full barrel, divide your capacity by the number of gallons per flush. Most toilets in the U. Older toilets may use 3 or more gallons. To check yours, the number is sometimes printed onto the ceramic just behind the seat.

I can't link to their website any more and they may have gone out of business. I'm good for 90 gallons divided by 1. Calculating Your Harvest Potential Preferably, pick a downspout that drains from a large section of your roof. Your harvest potential will be based on this roof area and also the annual rainfall for your area. The roof area should be calculated as seen from directly above, not the total square footage of the slope. The calculation is as follows all length units are in feet or inches: Keep in mind though that this is only the potential.

Long periods of rain hoom give you more water than you can use, causing excess to overflow out of your barrel and down into your downspout system again. You Watrr increase your usable harvest by using a larger barrel or by hooking multiple barrels together. This Water hook up to toilet let you use rainwater for longer during periods without rain. Annual rainfall for your area can be found by clicking Waer. Locating Your Barrel Your first task will be to find a functional and aesthetic place to place your rain barrel. The higher the rain barrel can be placed above the toilet, the better the performance due to the higher pressure.

For multi-story houses, one floor height approx 8 feetlike in my installation, will work well. For single-story homes, I suspect that placing 3 to 4 feet of blocks or a small platform under your barrel will provide enough pressure. Make sure your structure is adequate enough to support your rain barrel. Water barrels don't have to be an eyesore. Figure 1 below shows how I set up my system. It involved 20 feet of supply line since the barrel was laterally offset from the toilet. You can place your barrel anywhere in relation to the toilet as long as you have adequate height above it.

Overall Installation My rainwater supply line is not directly connected to the toilet. Instead, it is connected to a splitter valve green dot in figure above behind toilet. This allows easy switching between rainwater black line and the normal potable water supply short red line. We'll discuss more about this valve shortly. This will assume that you've already found a suitable place for your rain barrel and have redirected the flow from a downspout into the barrel. It is also very important that you've directed the overflow port at the top of your barrel back into the gutter system.

You can buy hoses, fittings, and downspout at your hardware store.

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Click to enlarge and read labels. I bought all of my installation hardware at Home WWater. The store I was at Watdr parts from a company called Wqter Industries. I first hool with two 10 feet pieces of braided vinyl tubing. Inside this fitting I installed a water filter. This is important to keep debris tl of your toilet plumbing! Fitting with filter installed. Drilling this hole was not fun. If you're passing through a plywood wall, life will be easier Warer you. Use a towel to soak up the rest of the water inside Water hook up to toilet tank so that it does not leak onto the floor when the supply line is removed.

Use a wrench to loosen the supply line nut connecting to the supply valve. Then do the same to the nut connecting to the toilet's fill valve. That connection will be on the underside of the tank and you may need another towel handy as some water may still drip out of the old supply line. Install the new supply line by hand tightening the white plastic nut to the toilet's fill valve nipple on the under side of the tank. Then hand tighten the metal nut to the supply valve. Turn the water back on by turning the knob on the supply valve. If the plastic nut connection end is leaking, slightly hand tighten the plastic nut until the leak ceases.

Do not use a wrench on plastic nuts. If the metal nut connection is leaking, use a wrench or pliers to tighten the metal nut just a quarter of a turn past hand tightened to ensure the connection is sealed. Do not tighten metal nuts more than a quarter of a turn past hand tight.

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